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Plants vs Zombies Complete Free Download Full Version

Plants vs Zombies complete free download full version - Are you looking for a great game for fun? Let’s find in only with Plants vs Zombies free download full version just on Gamesclear. Get this great chance to have a real fun with the best and creative game. Well, what is the content of Plants vs Zombies’ game? Before discussing about this interesting game, let’s know for further information about this game’s content. The Plants vs Zombies is the great game application which produced by the PopCap Inc. This great game allows you to find the real entertainment by looking at so many zombies who try to catch or destroy your home, and they will eat your brain as well.

In addition, to fight the zombies you need to have the plants, the plants could be planted if you have sun flowers. The sun flowers really help you to have so many plants. Well, if you have numerous plants then you could fight and kill the zombies easily. Playing this game is really fun and interesting; there are no difficulties to play this for the beginners. You need only to follow the tutorial clearly to play the game. In addition, now you can have another version for Plants vs Zombies 2. This newest version is really more attractive rather than the previous version.

Collect sun by click the falling sun
Get new plant if complete some level
Short Review for Plants vs Zombies 2
Have you finished the goal for Plants vs Zombies first version? Well, now you will be more addiction by downloading for next version of Plants vs Zombies free download full version. The second version is really interesting and had been improved from the previous version. In the Plants vs Zombies 2, you will find more challenging game; it’s the great adventure for the game because you will play for many steps which divided in some themes such as Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Wild west and others. These themes will be more challenging by appearing so many zombies in various characters which are really scary.

If you have downloaded for the Plants vs Zombies 2 you will find so many great adventures which are really difficult to pass it. You will find many characteristics of zombies such as Flag Mummy zombie, Ra zombie, Explorer zombie, Camel zombie, Tomb Raider zombie, Pharaoh zombie and many more. Well, certainly you will be really hard to fight the zombies and you need to have the stronger plants. No to worry, although you will various high zombies, you will also get the high plants such as Bonk Choy, Bloomereng, Cabbage-pult, Spike Weed, Coconut Canon, and many more.

Well, the second version of Plants vs Zombies is really more challenging and interesting with creative ideas great adventures. To catch the goal of game you need to pass every step perfectly. However, this second version is actually harder than the previous version; you need to have great strategy to achieve the goal of this game. Playing this game will be really easy to follow, but if you got the intermediate step you will find any difficulty, so that you are required to be creative player for passing the steps and destroying all the great zombies.

The Fun Game of Plants vs Zombies
The Plants vs Zombies for two versions are actually interesting, so you need to have this game in to your PC. In addition, you will also download the Plants vs Zombies in your Smartphone, Iphone, or tablets. Those are available for having the Plants vs Zombies for full version application. So, what are you waiting for? Start to download this game, and feel the amazing sensation for playing this game; you will be really entertained and excited to play the game, because it is produced for fulfilling the gamers’ need.

After it launched, the Plants vs Zombies becomes really popular over the world. It could be proved that, there are so many downloader which downloading this game application. It means that, the Plants vs Zombies is really successful for entertaining the world. Even, it also published for the second version, it could be said that the enthusiast of this game is really great. Well, this is the best game which could entertain everyone happily.

Find now! For Plants vs Zombies free download full version to add your fun perfectly. Get it now; install it now for your PC or any Smartphone device. You will find the real entertainment which is really attractive, challenging, and creative with the steps and various themes that included. Download and find your real game ever just on Gamesclear blog on now.

Enter name before playing Plants vs Zombies
Using plants to defeat zombies

Zombies prepare to attack
Defense home owner from zombies attack
Minimum system requirements for Plants vs Zombies (PC & Mac):
Minimum system requirements for PC :
  • OS : Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista;
  • Processor : 1.2 GHz;
  • RAM : 512 MB;
  • Graphic : 128 MB; 
  • HDD : 65 MB;
  • DX : DirectX 8; and
  • Sound : DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Minimum system requirements for Mac
  • OS : Mac OSX 10.4.11;
  • Processor : Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz;
  • RAM : 512 MB;
  • Graphic : 64 MB Video Card; and
  • HDD : 50 MB

Free download Plants vs Zombies
To download Plants vs Zombies complete full version, just copy to address bar or click the links below :

Download Plants vs Zombies 1
Primary download :
Password : gamesclear

Mirror download :
Password : gamesclear

Download Plants vs Zombies 2

Thats all the things that Gamesclear could posted about Plants vs Zombies free download full version. Hope all the things above will important for you. If you like this post, simply give like, tweet or anything using your social media. We hope, you could play Plants vs Zombies game on your PC as soon as possible after you've finished download from Gamesclear blog.

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Angry Birds All Versions Free Download for PC

Angry Birds all versions free download for PC - Want to have a fun game? Download and install now your best game application, Angry Birds in full version. Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in recently. This game could attract so many people in the world, well it could be said that the Angry Birds is the successful game for current years. Well, get your fun Angry Birds free download for PC to get your best fun with the best game. In addition, to find the Angry Birds game is not difficult, because it’s available for many devices not only for PC such as Smartphone, iPhone, tablets, and others. On this blog you will get Angry Birds game easily.

The main subject of this game is cute bird which try to fight the bad pigs. Well, playing this game is really easy and simple, so you will get your real fun here. Because of the ease for playing, this game could attract so many people in the world, not only for children, but the Angry Birds game could attract for many adults as well. This game is really easy to play for children as well as adult. So, if you want teach your children for this game, you will not spend much time to explain your children about this game.

Get Your Free Angry Birds Easily
How to download the Angry Birds? Well, it’s the easiest way for you to have this best game application. You can have the Angry Birds free download for PC easily, by looking for many free webs downloader which available to download freely. Today’s access is really easy for anything, you should not get you’re your money to purchase the game, because now everything could be had freely and easily with the downloading. However, you should find for the right webs downloader which doesn’t detect for virus in order to save you PC well. Just be careful to find the game downloading!

Screenshot 1

The Angry Birds is actually the attractive game which could attract so many gamers in the world. Well, Angry Birds published for entertaining people with the great features of game. Whereas, this game is actually easy to be played, which is only has two main characters such as cute birds and bad pigs. Well there is no any tutorial for playing this game, because it’s really easy to play, even kids will directly play the game without any explaining. This is only the easiest way to find the real entertainment.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s play the attractive game with the best adventure; the Angry Birds game will always amuse you in any time. The gamers will certainly addict for playing this game for its interesting game and funny birds. The Angry Birds could reach as the most interesting game rather than other game, because Angry Birds has been designed in the easiest way but it’s really creative and innovative to be played.

Other Versions of Angry birds
Angry Birds comes with the next version, because of its popularity the Angry Birds produced the next version which is designed for more challenging game and more attractive as well. So, everyone will be more excited to play this game, because Angry Birds for the newest one will come with the creative ideas that make the gamers become really addiction. Well, after it launched, now Angry Birds available for next version that is Angry Birds Star Wars II. Well, the Angry Birds Star Wars II is the other version which provides for creative content. Before Angry Birds Star Wars II, there are 5 versions after first version. All the 7 versions which has the same gameplay are below :
All Versions of Angry Birds game :
  1. Angry Birds;
  2. Angry Birds Rio;
  3. Angry Birds Season;
  4. Angry Birds Space;
  5. Angry Birds Star Wars;
  6. Angry Birds Bad Piggies; and 
  7. Angry Birds Star Wars II
Read more on or on Gamesclear : Angry Birds
Screenshot 2
The new version for Angry Birds Star Wars II is actually more challenging than the previous versions, because in the version the angry birds will have great adventure on Star Wars world as same as previous Angry Birds Star Wars version, so it will be really interesting game for you to find another theme of Angry Birds. However, for this version you will be more difficult to fight the pigs, but with the 30 playable characters, it will be fun to play. In this new version, you can summon birds or pig. Well, you must be excited for playing this!

Angry Birds first version and other versions are really attractive, since it was launched Angry Birds becomes really popular over the world. Most people are interested for playing this game; moreover getting this game application is easy for downloading, because you will find so many webs downloader which offer for Angry Birds’s download. In addition, you could get it freely, so you will be fun for playing it without any difficulties. Well, get now the Angry Birds free download for PC.

Download Angry Birds
Before download, check the minimum system requirements for Angry Birds to install on your PC :
  • CPU : 1 GHz;
  • OS : Windows XP SP3;
  • RAM : 512MB;
  • Vedio Graphic : OpenGL 1.3 compatible; and
  • Other : Use internet connectio if you download free demo
If your PC's system same or better than minimum system requirements for Angry Birds above, just download Angry Birds free for PC by 3 alternative ways below :

1. Download Angry Birds all versions free for PC
Choose one of the 7 versions of Angry Birds game below to download. Copy the links below to address bar or right click and choose open in new tab :
Angry Birds :
Angry Birds Rio :
Angry Birds Season :
Angry Birds Space :
Angry Birds Star Wars :
Angry Birds Bad Piggies :
Angry Birds Star Wars II :

2. Download Angry Birds 6 in 1 (Exclude Angry Birds Star Wars II)
To download all versions of Angry Birds, here the link :
Password : gamesclear

3. Download Angry Birds free for PC using Google Chrome
If you just want to play Angry Birds first version, just download using Google Chrome. You must open the link below with Google Chrome to download Angry Birds :

Click on this link to download :

Choose "Install to Play Offline" (look at the picture below)
What you must do if download Angry Birds using Google Chrome

Note : If you don't have Google Chrome, download from the link below

Hope all the links above could works good, and you will play your favorites game after download from this blog, Gamesclear. Just for information, Gamesclear has posted about Angry Birds before, just searching on this site and find all information about Angry Birds game. Hope this post "Angry Birds All Versions Free Download for PC" will help you.

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Minecraft Free Download Full Version for PC Complete

Minecraft free download full version for PC complete - Are you a gamer? Well, as a game lover you must know of the minecraft game. Most gamers are really excited to have a minecraft game application. So you should also get your minecraft free download full version for PC to complete your entertainment. As known, minecraft is the great sandbox game’s video which produced by the great programmer from Sweden, Markus Perrsson. However, in recently the minecraft has been published by the Mojang. Well, for the complete version for PC had been launched in the last 2011. Moreover, in the last May 2012, this game had been improved well.

When looking at this great game, there are some creative ideas which the gamers could build a construction from the cubes by the 3D’s world. It flows as the game’s regulation as well. The other activities those are included such as world exploration, working, and fighting.  In this game, there are three ne, such as survival ne, freedom ne, and hardcore. Well, those could be chosen as you like, in addition those depend on the difficulties of the game. The gamers should destroy their world if they got the death.

Attractive Minecraft Game
Well, minecraft game application becomes really popular for today’s world game. It could be one of the attractive game that liked by many game lovers in the world. So many people are interested to download this game; you could look at the internet which turns out many webs offer for the minecraft download. What is the most interesting thing for playing this game? Well, certainly most gamers would be really attracted to create any building construction itself, not only building, but they could also build for the caves and another creative ideas.

Minecraft is like a war game as usual which requires the players to fight the monsters that appear in the night time. The players should survive their self and run away from the monsters. In addition, player should also gather the foods and others for survival. Well, from these great creative options of the game, so many people are attracted to have and play this game as fun activity. The minecraft becomes really trending for most countries in the world. 

Do you have this game for your PC? Well, you should find the minecraft free download full version for PC to add and entertain your life. If you never try to play this game, certainly you will be really addiction for playing the game. The content as well as the graphic make everyone want to play this every time. The fact said that, there are so many downloaders which interested to install this game as a great application for the PC. You should feel it right now! 

Easy Minecraft Game 
Minecraft game is actually easy for playing. If you have downloaded it, then try to play by reading the tutorials that included, certainly you will be easy to play without much time to learn it, because this game is published for fun needs which is really easy to play. So, you not to worry about the play, you can be easily to play it without any help from another. Moreover, when you get firstly playing this game, you will be really addiction for the gorgeous game’s content. Well, get your fun!

Find your best interest with downloading the minefcaft game for your PC. The minecarft game is the only attractive games which are included of the innovative and creative content, so makes people interested for playing this game. Well, make sure that you have installed this great game for your PC, and find your real entertainment with the best content from the minecarft game. You can explore your mind by playing this game; it means you will also learn while playing the game.

Get your best minecraft free download full version for PC right now! Install it, and get your real fun in your life. Forget your problem, and make a great fun with playing this game, certainly you can be really entertained by having fun with this minecarft game application. Well, you will get much benefit for playing this game, because your mind will not stop to think for finding ideas, this is the creative game which really useful.

Minimum system requirements
Minimum system requirements for run Minecraft game on your PC :
  • CPU : Intel Pentium 4/AMD Equivalent;
  • RAM : 2 GB;
  • HDD : 90 MB; and
  • Java : Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or better
Free Download Minecraft 1.4.7 | 1.5.1 | 1.5.2 | 1.6.2 | 1.7.4
Below are the links for free download Minecraft (Minecraft 1.4.7, Minecraft 1.5.1, Minecraft 1.5.2, Minecraft 1.6.2 and Minecraft 1.7.4) full version for PC. Copy one of the links below to address bar to download Minecraft.
Download links
Minecraft 1.4.7 :

Minecraft 1.5.1 :

Minecraft 1.5.2 :

Minecraft 1.6.2 :

Minecraft 1.7.4 :
Password :
Hope you can play one of the 5 types Minecraft game above as soon as possible after downloading from this site. If you want to download another game, just visit homepage of Gamesclear on now and search one by one. Hope thats will help you find the best game that you want to play.

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GTA Vice City Free Download Full Version by Easiest Way

GTA Vice City free download full version by easiest way only on, complete PC games blog. GTA Vice City is a title from a series of Grand Theft Auto, the kind of video-game that is popular because of certain good aspects included, for example the backing music. The game gets its name from the imagined city where the game takes place of setting, Vice City. It is a kind of adventure games that is played by a single player. For Microsoft Windows, the game is released about 2003. The popularity of the game is also gotten from the fact that this game is easy to be reached because GTA Vice City free download full version is also easy to be found in internet.

The full version specification of the video game, of course will be different from the simpler version like the trial version. It will be an annoying time when you have found the software of your favorite video game but then you cannot play certain specifications after you installed it because you have downloaded the free trial version. Sometimes some software gives the people some conditions for getting it in full version.

So, sometimes you must pay some price for getting it. Nevertheless, sometimes it also can be found the software that can be downloaded freely without paying such money. The Grand Theft Auto is one of the latter kinds of software. You can download it freely in some legal sites in the internet and you can install it easily before you enjoy it in the time of your leisure ones, because it is not a wise choice if you become a maniac gamer who spends his life for playing video game.

The Right Place for the Right Download
The search engine is a fair tool in internet world since it positions the most top site for the keyword written in it not because of the subjective consideration. It works based on logical consideration that can be explained in simpler words as based on the oftenest accessed sites consideration. It means that whenever you write the video game software in a search engine, the top entry shown is the oftenest site ever opened by people.

GTA Vice City free download full version for PC can be found easily in the time you write it in the search engine, for the example, Gamesclear has posted about it before several months ago and update now with fresh and complete review. One of the most used site and is usually placed in the top of search engine suggestion is for example softonic, the site where you also can find so many other free games in full version form. The extension of the software is also not so big and it makes the downloading process will never make you spend so many times. It also can be tricked by the download manager that can increase your download speed amazingly.

Then, it must be considered too the possibility of hoax or a kind of rubbish site. This kind of site usually offers you for downloading such video game software but after you clicked the link, you find that you are brought into such a useless site that contains pornography contents, for example. So, you must be careful to do the act of downloading the file, especially video game file just from the trustworthy site only. This can be found easily by believing the entry suggested by the search engine you have used.

Does It Compatible? Yeah It Is
The development in internet world is so sophisticated. Sometimes it can make the additional pleasant when the process of downloading file from your computer is not as long as you drink your coffee. Then the pleasant feeling will increase more when you find that your file is really helping you for example for refreshing your mind relating to video game. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be an annoying one because your download process is slow and then you aware that you have downloaded the wrong file.

So, when you downloaded GTA Vice City free download full version, just make it sure that you have downloaded the exact version for the compatible tool you have. It means that because this game is created for being used in some device, like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, you must download the comfortable one since the version for Microsoft Windows, for example, will not work in PlayStation 2

Screenshot of GTA Vice City
Minimum system requirements for GTA Vice City for PC :
  • Processor : 800 MHz AMD Athlon or 800 MHz Intel Pentium III, 1.2 GHz AMD Duron or 1.2GHz Intel Celeron; 
  • HDD : 915 MB (if video card doesn't support DirectX Texture Compression, +635 MB);
  • RAM : 128 MB;
  • Graphics : 32 MB with DirectX 9.0 (Geforce or better);
  • Sound : DirectX 9.0; and
  • Others : Mouse & keyboard
To download GTA Vice City, you can choose two way below by copy-paste the links to address bar or right click on the links then click "open link in the new tab" :
Primary downloadable links :
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Tips : uncheck "Use our download manager and get recommended downloads" before click download.
or download GTA Vice City on alternative links :
Alternative downloadable link :
Password : gamesclear
Hope you like Gamesclear's post about free download GTA Vice City full version above, and if you really likes it, hope you will share on social media.

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GTA San Andreas Free Download for PC and Play Now

GTA San Andreas free download for PC and play now after you finished download on Gamesclear. GTA San Andreas has the same position like GTA Vice City in the view of a gamer: it is a popular entry from the series of Grand Theft Auto game. The difference is in the time of released, while the latter is released for Microsoft Windows device in 2003, the earlier is released for the same device in 2005. So, it can be said that GTA San Andreas is the advanced development in Grand Theft Auto series, and similar to the earlier series, because of its popularity, GTA San Andreas free download for PC is also easy to be found in the internet.

GTA Sand Andreas is an action-adventure game, and has put on action or adventure genre on Gamesclear. It gets its name like GTA Vice City that is from the setting of the place offered by the video game. Along the year of 2004, this game gets some awards because of its best action, best adventure, and best soundtrack offered. Those three aspects are quite enough for some gamers to like it.

GTA San Andreas: The Adventure between Mobile and PC
In the contemporary era, the world becomes the witness toward the sophisticated development in mobile world. It is the fact that the amazing additional feature has been injected successfully into the mobile engine. It finally influences too the kind of game can be played on the mobile. While the earlier generation of the GTA video game just can be played in the ordinary devices which is not a kind of portable device, GTA San Andreas also is released for mobile version.

So, nowadays, GTA San Andreas free download for PC is not becoming the only GTA San Andreas software that is sought by people in internet. The newest version is the GTA San Andreas version for Android that is released in 2014. Some versions for mobile are also released a year before and they get the same popularity with the PC version video game. So, the adventure in San Andreas can be enjoyed not only in the room only but also it can be played in more places like in the university’s garden in the time of resting.

Such a question like the question about the similarity and the difference between the PC version and mobile version can appear. Every gamer must know that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a kind of adventure game and so it has some scene that needs a high accuracy that be gotten from the high specifications of the device used. Nevertheless, as it has been explained before, the development of the mobile feature is so sophisticated and just believes that the adventure can be enjoyed in the same rate of pleasant feeling both in PC and in Android.

Where there is a controversy, there is the popularity
GTA San Andreas is not only popular because of its good internal aspect of the game, but also because of some controversy relates to it. The relation between the controversy and the popularity can be found easily in the proverb as it is mentioned in the subtitle above. It is a bad way, of course, but sometimes people need to a new sensation in the time of boring moment. It also can be useful for giving other point of views about a theme.

The first controversy in the game is a adult content in it that is popular. It is the kind of adult content relates to both the picture and the sound of the game. The second controversy is the racial content that sometimes mocked by the player from certain countries.

Whatever, while you find yourself is boring and you do not know what kind of video game will refresh your mind, you can try GTA San Andreas. It is not relates to the controversy at all, but it merely relates to the pleasant feeling that can appear for people who likes the adventure game when they play it. You do not have the game yet? It is easy and simple: just connect to the internet and you can find GTA San Andreas free download for PC full version in whatever search engine you usually used. Just download it and refresh your mind by playing it.

Minimum system requirements for GTA San Andreas PC game :
  • Processor : AMD Athlon Processor or 1GHz Intel Pentium III; 
  • RAM : 768 MB;
  • HDD :  5.3 GB;
  • Graphics : 64 MB with DirectX 9.0 - GeForce3 or better; and
  • DX : DirectX 9.0
To download GTA San Andreas free for PC, you can choose one of the links below and copy-paste to address bar or right click on the links then click open link in new tab :
Download GTA San Andreas free for PC from Google Drive and Google Docs
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :

RAR Password and How to Install :
If links above doesn't work, try to download from alternative links below :
Alternative 1 : Free download GTA San Andreas RIP or ISO
Password : gamesclear

Alternative 2 : Free download GTA San Andreas on Turbobit or Indowebster
Password : gamesclear

Alternative 3 : Fre download GTA San Andreas on Letitbit
Password : gamesclear
You can try to download from many sites above, hope thats could make you play GTA San Andreas as soon as possible on your PC now. And thats all about GTA San Andreas free download for PC that Gamesclear could posted now. Hope you like it!

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Farm Frenzy 2 Free Download Full Version Complete Game

Farm Frenzy 2 free download full version complete game - This game now has been available here just on Gamesclear. Farm Frenzy 2 is the latest serial of Farm Frenzy funny and interesting game. This game is most played by kids actually because of the story, graphic and the goals. But sure, for the adult, this game is still interesting for a refreshing. All of this Farm Frenzy 2 has also a tight challenge or quest.

Taking the concept of the living of farmer, in this Farm Frenzy 2, you will act as the farmer when you need to care the hens, pig, cow and more of the farm animals from the bears. From the hens you will collect the eggs. The more eggs you have the much more money you will get. The quest of this game is not only for collecting the eggs, there is also cakes, milk and sure many farm building around the farm field that will create a new thing from the eggs.

After you have collected them, then you need to sell them to the city. There are two transportations that you can use. You can use a truck and plan. The truck will sell your items, foods, eggs, cakes, milk, and also the farm animals into the city. The higher the upgrade of the truck, the faster it will go and back to bring much more money.

The money can also used for upgrading the farm factory building, the well, number of the animal. The higher the upgrade, all of the process will be faster. It seems that you need to be a real farmer to play this game. This game is more than interesting. It needs a time, right choice to build and to buy and sure, there will be a time limit that you need to watch. After all, you can also have this Farm Frenzy 2 free download full version here.

Farm Frenzy 2 - Screenshot 1
Farm Frenzy 2 - Screenshot 2
Minimum system requirements for Farm Frenzy 2 :
  • OS : Windows 7/Vista/XP;
  • Processor : 1.2GHz;
  • HDD : 500MB; 
  • Video Card : 32 MB;
  • RAM : 512MB; and
  • DiX 9.0
To download Farm Frenzy 2 full version complete game, copy the link below to address bar :
Farm Frenzy 2 download link :

or download from alternative link (Mediafire/Tusfiles) if the link above doesn't work properly
Password : gamesclear
All the things about Farm Frenzy 2 are described above, if you want to download other Farm Frenzy game, we reccommended to download Farm Frenzy 3 that more good than Farm Frenzy 2. Hope you satisfied after coming to this blog.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Farm Frenzy 1 Free Download Full Version Single Link

Who want to get Farm Frenzy 1 free download full version single link? Here on Gamesclear, you can download this cool game. It is true, although this game is designed with simple and fresh atmosphere, it doesn’t mean that only kids who love this game. The adult one also loves this game because of the simple and challenged quests.  This game also has a high graphic where you will see the farm atmosphere that is fresher than other games.

Indeed, in this game every player should be a real farmer where he or she will need to care the farm animals and keep them from the bear that will come randomly to eat your animals. The animal like hens, pig and other farm animals will produce eggs, meat, and milk from the cow and other cakes that has been produced by eggs. The foods can be sold to the city by the transportation.

The more hens or other farm animals you have in your farm land, the much more money you will get. The money can be used for upgrading, buying more animals but sure, the more you have hen, the easier the bear will catch. Therefore, you need to be fast to catch and cage the bear. The faster you can cage the bear, the better it will be. You can use your mouse to cage the bear. Just need some clicks on the bear.

This funny game is also as one of the favorite games for girls and boys. The game is challenged because of not only for caring the animals and keeps them from the bear but also there is a goal that is limited by the time. So, you need to fasten buying the hens to produce more eggs and it can be sold to buy other animals as the quests ask for. And here is the Farm Frenzy 1 free download full version.

Minimum system requirements for Farm Frenzy 1 :
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista;
  • CPU : 1GHz Processor;
  • HDD : 25MB;
  • Video Card : 64 MB;
  • RAM : 256MB; and
  • DX : 8.0

To download Farm Frenzy full version single link, copy one of the links below to address bar :
password : 
If the link above doesn't work, try the alternative single link download below :
password : 
Hope you can download Farm Frenzy 1 full version as soon as possible on Gamesclear. If you want to download other Farm Frenzy game, try to download Farm Frenzy 3 on Gamesclear.

Halo 3 (Custom Edition) Free Download Full Version Complete

Halo 3 (Halo Custom Edition) free download full version complete game now on Gamesclear. Halo 3 or you may called it as Halo Custom Edition is one of the Halo game serial. Halo game that is also known as FPS game will make you experience the new feelings on the FPS game mode. You may have known about the previous game, Halo 2 that has more challenged quests. In Halo 3, you will experience more than in Halo 2. In Halo 3 you need to be more sensitive on the battle or combat so you can win and defeat the enemies.

It is true, Halo 3 although still has the same concept of Halo 2 where you will also wear armors, need weapons and the vehicle, and the quests are more challenged one. It means that you will need more efforts to win this game. As FPS game, Halo 3 will also make your hero more difficult if you cannot use two skills; the skill of shooting and thinking.

Therefore, Halo 3 will need you as the player to have the skills of combat such shooting and think how to win, how to defeat the enemies and other questions during the combat. Halo 3 will still offer some companies that are played by computer. Although they will help you, the decision to win is in your hands. So, be more sensitive when you are in the battle.

If you get stuck on one quest, then it is better to watch the video of the game play online. The video will show you the way. It is better than you do a cheating. There is no other worst thing in playing a game than cheating. Although you will win by cheating, it is not fair and there will be a different satisfaction. Those are about Halo 3. You can get this Halo 3 free download full version on Gamesclear.

*Minimum system requirements for Halo 3 :
Halo 3 is not available on PC until today, Just waiting for the announcement about Halo 3. But you just play Halo Custom Edition as Halo 3.

*To download Halo 3 (Custom Edition), just copy the links below to address bar :
Download from Halomaps :
Halo 3 (Custom Edition) : (recommended)
Newest version :
Crack :

Download Halo 3 Maps :
H3 Style Campaign A10 :
H3 Style Campaign A30 :
H3 Style Campaign A50 :
H3 Style Campaign B30 :
H3 Style Campaign B40 :
H3 Style Campaign C10 :
H3 Style Campaign C20 :
H3 Style Campaign C40 :
H3 Style Campaign D20 :
H3 Style Campaign D40 :

Download UI.Map and choose single player mode
Halo 3 Ui Alpha :
Library Ui :

Then extract files for Maps, copy and paste extracted files to game/map folder installation
For example : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\Maps

*For single player mode
Just doing the same thing as above

Start and lets play
*Alternative download link for Halo 3 (Halo Custom Edition)  :
Password :
Remember, Halo 3 just available on Xbox 360, so the game above is Halo Custom Edition that you can download and play it as Halo 3 on PC. If you want to play Halo Custom Edition, just download by the links above, but If you want to play other Halo game that available on PC, just CLICK HERE to choose what series of Halo game that you want to download.

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Halo 2 Free Download Full Version for PC on Here

Halo 2 free download full version for PC can be easily downloaded here just on Gamesclear blog. This is the next stage of Halo game. In this new serial, Halo has a new story and more quests and goals that you need to complete them. You may have known the previous serial of this FPS game. As FPS game, Halo has a good story line where all of the players need to be more careful to the enemies.

It is true that this Halo two has more challenged quests and hard enemies that you need to defeat them. You may consider about the armor you wear, the health you have and the weapons selection. Sure, they are not worth at all or they are useless if you don’t have the skills on a combat. It means that as playing FPS game, you will be involved in the game condition where you will face the enemies right on your eyes.

Halo 2 offers you more challenges than the previous level. Here, you will also need to think to solve the problems on the fields or the quests to complete and defeat the enemies. You will also helped by friends that are played by computers. But still, the decision will be on your hands. You will choose the right weapons including the vehicle that can be used for defeating the enemies.

The graphic or the setting of this Halo 2 is also more awesome than the first game of Halo. The FPS mode will be more interesting. It means that you will really such facing the enemies are right in front of and behind you. So you need be careful on the battle. The high graphic of the game and the setting will also make you more involved. This game is interesting. You can have Halo 2 free download full version for PC here.

Minimum system requirements for Halo 2 PC game :
  • OS : Windows Vista/Windows 7;
  • CPU : 2 GHz;
  • RAM : 1 GB;
  • HDD : 7 GB;
  • Video : Nvidia 6100, ATI X700 (Minimum 128 MB); and
  • Other : Keyboard, Mouse, internet connection for multiplayer
For further information about Halo 2 System requirements, read more on

To download Halo 2 full version for PC, copy the link below to address bar :
Password :

So thats all about Halo 2 free download full version for PC on Gamesclear, if you want to looking for other Halo game, thats the link to free download Halo 4 that posted on Gamesclear several month ago. Hope it will help you to playing Halo game everyday everytime you has spare time.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Halo: Combat Evolved Free Download Full Version for PC Here

Halo: Combat Evolved free download full version for PC here on Gamesclear blog. Halo: Combat Evolved game must not be strange on your ears. You must know about the Halo, scientific-fantasy movie that has been watched by millions people. This Halo game will take the same situation just like you watched in the movie. But sure, in this game you will have more challenged quests that you need to complete.

Halo game is also known as FPS or First Player Shooter. This is just like other FPS game such Battlefield, CoD, and many more. Some people will be more interested in this FPS game because it is just you really faces the condition or this Halo game then it is the war. You will be really like shooting the enemies. This FPS will involve you in the game.

Halo: Combat Evolved game will take some interesting place to have the battle. You need to wear your armor, choose the weapons in be wise in using it. There are also vehicles that can be used. Do not worry; there are some players by the computer that will be on your side. So you will have the war not only by yourself. But sure, the game will be depended on your skill in the war, such shooting the enemies and think to solve the problem on the field to complete the quest or goal.

Some people will get confused in certain quests. For this, you can also watch the video of game play in the internet. Remember that following the video of game play in the internet is better than you do a cheating. You may win some battles or even all, but the satisfaction is different. The gentle one always faces the obstacles and complete is as a man. You can have this Halo: combat evolved free download full version for PC here.

Minimum system requirements for Halo: Combat Evolved :
  • OS : Windows XP;
  • CPU : 773 MHz processor;
  • RAM : 128 MB;
  • HDD : 1.2 GB;
  • DirectX : DirectX 9.0  or later; and
  • Video Card : 32 MB;
If you think the information about Halo: Combat Evolved system requirements above are not enough, just visit Microsoft on for further information.

To download Halo: Combat Evolved free full version for PC, copy and paste the link below to your browser address bar :

Download link :
Password :

So thats our post about Halo:Combat Evolved free download full version for PC on Gamesclear that could shared today.If you want to know about the next series of this game, just go to Gamesclear's post about Halo 4 free download that was posted on January '14. Hope you will enjoy all the PC games that posted on Gamesclear.

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